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John Fracchia

About Me:

Thank you for visiting my profile page.  I have had the pleasure of working at Ithaca College for over 25 years, first in Residential Life and for the past 18 years in the Career Services.  I am a two-time graduate of Binghamton University with a Master’s degree in Business Administration (concentration in Marketing) from the School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harpur College of Arts and Sciences with majors in Psychology and Cinema.  I strive to live an engaged, community focused life and as such, have been privileged to have have multiple service opportunities at Ithaca College, within my profession, and in the community.  These include:

Ithaca College

Professional Affiliations

Non-Profit Boards and Community Service

I am also actively engaged in the arts as an improv performer, experimental filmmaker, author, playwright, and songwriter/musician.  Some highlights of my artistic activities include:

  • Founding Member, Performer, ComedyFLOPs Improv Troupe (2011-present) – Proceeds from our shows are used to assist non-profit organizations in the Ithaca community.
  • Co-Author, Cataclysm: The Myst Clipper Shicaine – Published May 4, 2016
  • Co-Author, Club Hell – A play about what happens when 2 marketers find themselves in hell and decide they don’t want to be there.
  • Experimental Filmmaker –  Nationally exhibited at galleries and festivals.
  • Songwriter/Performer – In 2011 my band Loose Change, for which I am a primary songwriter, released the song, Carry On, (iTunesAmazonCDBaby) as a fund raiser to help address the unmet and often catastrophic health care needs of 9/11 first responders.

​My life is pretty full and some people wonder why I do what I do.  The main reason is that I value living an engaged life as I define it.  As a result I’m blessed with good, creative, friends, a house full of cats (currently 7), a dog, and an amazing and talented wife (Nancy Kane), who I’ve known since 8th grade.  Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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Sustainability, Renewable Energy & Conservation Healthcare, Public Health & Sciences Arts, Music & Theater 

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