Is a Two-Page Resume Ever OK?

Is a Two-Page Resume Ever OK? thumbnail image

You’ve been there. You’re up late one night trolling job boards and in between travel ads the perfect job opportunity appears. You hear the heavenly hosts cheering you on and rush to update your resume.

But before you add your …

By The Muse
The Muse
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Building a Professional Relationship

Liz Li from the LinkedIn Blog, shares advice on using networking to open doors to further your career. Learn more about how to build a trusted network, one connection at a time.

By Kimberly Lieb
Kimberly Lieb Assistant Director for Industry and Community Engagement Kimberly Lieb
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The Importance of Practicing Humility at Work

The Importance of Practicing Humility at Work thumbnail image

Every once in awhile, you may say something that unintentionally sounds like a brag. Without meaning to, you can offend colleagues with a perceived lack of humility, or by giving yourself more credit than you might deserve. Or perhaps you …

By Liz Peintner - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
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Welcome to National Arts & Humanities Month!

October is National Arts & Humanities month!  All month you can celebrate the impact that they have on our society and Americans For The Arts offers an excellent article on how to do just that!  Read the article!


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