The Healthcare, Public Health & Sciences Career Industry Community is open to all students, alumnx, employers, parents, faculty, and staff whose interests relate to science, technology, health, or an intersection of the areas.  While this community is facilitated by the Career Services, it is by design a collective and collaborative effort that leverages the strengths and talents of all community members with an interest in this area.

What to write for the “Skills” section of your Resume by PCA Giulia


There are two main ones that employers look for: soft skills and hard skills.

1. Hard skills show you’re great for a specific job. Nobody is born with them.

Examples: coding, budgeting, and certified in Microsoft Excel

2. Soft skills …

By Peer Career Advisor: Giulia
Peer Career Advisor: Giulia Peer Career Advisor Peer Career Advisor: Giulia
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Don’t stop looking for your next career move!


Don’t stop looking for your next career move!

Motivation from PCA Cole

Although job and internship opportunities might sound bleak, the world has not ended! Companies recognize that they need interns and young professionals in order to have new talent …

By Peer Career Advisor: Cole
Peer Career Advisor: Cole Peer Career Advisor Peer Career Advisor: Cole
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20 Video Interview Tips to Help You Dazzle the Hiring Manager and Get the Job


By now, you’re probably familiar with the basics of setting up for a video interview: Find a quiet, clean place to have it, make sure your mic is turned on, and—seriously—put on some pants. But with more and more employers …

By Regina Borsellino - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions
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Careers In Public Health


The current COVID-19 situation has put public health to the forefront of most people’s minds and underscored the importance of the field.  This site from the New York State Department of Health offers resources and outlines the pathway for a …

By John Fracchia
John Fracchia Career Engagement and Technology Specialist John Fracchia
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Handshake COVID-19 Higher Ed Recruitment Trends

handshake covid

Read more in our full report of April 2020 Recruitment Trends.

Over the past few weeks, Handshake has been conducting research with students and employers to better understand how these two audiences are responding to the myriad changes in the …

By Jennifer Pawlewicz
Jennifer Pawlewicz Career Engagement and Marketing Specialist Jennifer Pawlewicz
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