Tips To Prepare For An Interview by PCA Lochlyn

Review questions you know you struggle with

Don’t run the risk of being caught off guard if they ask a question like “tell me about yourself” or “what are your weaknesses”. Focusing on questions that you have struggled with in the past will help you be better prepared for the interview. Career services can also help by providing mock interviews where you can practice questions and get feedback before the big day.

Practice your answers, but not too much that you sound scripted

Interviews are a place to show your personality and stand out more than you may on paper alone. Practicing your answers too much may cause you to come off as robotic instead of “professionally you”. Having stories and experiences close in your mind is good, but allow the conversation to remain natural.

Know what is on your resume

Your resume is the first piece of information that a company learns about you. Therefore, this is what they will tailor their questions around. Knowing the information you provided will help you to think of relevant stories as you pitch yourself to the interviewer.

Following up from that, make sure that the resume you submit is ACCURATE. Embellishing experiences make help you get the interview, but it will become clear during the interview what you have and have not actually done.

Do your research on the company and ASK QUESTIONS

One of the most important things to remember is that while they are interviewing you, you are also interviewing them! Use the interview to make sure that this is a place that you actually want to spend most of the day. Ask questions about the company culture, employee structure, promotion tracks, etc. Not only does this help you decide if you want to move forward, it also shows added investment, which could put you above more qualified but less dedicated candidates.

Select your outfit in advance

Many students express concern over not knowing what to wear for an interview. Deciding on your outfit as soon as possible will help to alleviate some of this stress. If you are on campus, consider visiting the Office of Career Service’s career closet where you can borrow professional attire. There are also many guides online to help you determine the level of professional attire that you need to meet.

Confirm in advance how and where the interview will happen

For in person interviews: confirm the location of the company. If they are located in a shared space, have several floors, etc. ask for clear directions to the office.

For virtual interviews: confirm that you have the correct zoom link, phone number, etc. Additionally, make sure that you have a steady connection and quiet space free of distractions and noise from other house members.

Extra tip for after the interview

And finally, make sure to send a thank you card or email. For some hiring managers, this is a make or break in their process. Even if it isn’t held in such a high degree, it is still a nice gesture, and will help keep you at the front of their mind as they review applicants

By Peer Career Advisor: Lochlyn
Peer Career Advisor: Lochlyn Peer Career Advisor Peer Career Advisor: Lochlyn