What Every College Student Should Be Doing For Career Success

By Shelcy V. Joseph

There are different types of college students: the ones who spend their years locked away in the library, the ones who leave everything to the last minute, the ones who spend more time socializing than studying, the ones who split their time between work and the classroom, the ones who do either one of the above things and the ones who try to do them all.

With all these experiences college comes with, preparing for the future from the first day may not be a priority. And by this I mean, the post-graduation life. I know I didn’t start thinking about it until my sophomore year. In retrospect, I should’ve probably started planning sooner. But since I can’t undo the past, I can only share what I’ve learned and help someone in the situation I was in.

If possible, every college student should start planning for the future early. This means being involved on campus and staying in the know of what’s happening, networking with professors and going after professional experiences—this is all in addition to studying and acing your classes of course. Doing this can be the difference between many job offers by the time it’s graduation season or a long period of unemployment or underemployment. As a college student, you want to stay on top of what needs to be done to create a positive outcome.

McGraw-Hill Education’s Future Workforce Survey revealed some interesting (and in some cases, troubling) statistics about recent graduates.

-College graduates don’t feel well-equipped to face the real world

  • Only 4 in 10 U.S. college students feel very or extremely prepared for their future careers. Women were less confident in their career readiness.
  • Many reported feeling like their college experience did not provide the critical skills they need to transition into the workforce, such as solving complex problems (43%), resume writing (37%), interviewing (34%) and job searching (31%)

-There’s a gap between student and employer perceptions

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