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  • Career Services is implementing a career communities approach to our work with students. This approach emphasizes the value of connection and the systemic facilitation of career development. In support of our new approach, we collaborate with staff, recruiters, employers, alumni, and community members to bring new experiences and expertise to the classroom/organization/department.
    When you submit a Program Request to Career Services, an internal or external constituent may facilitate the program on your desired topic.
    Creating meaningful connections is an extremely important component of a student’s career development.
  • If you have multiple class sections, we ask that you submit one request form per section in order to clearly identify the dates and times of requests. Thank you!
  • We ask you to do your best to confirm the size of the audience prior to submitting a request.
  • Please list in order of preference.
  • Please rate 1-3, with 1 being your 1st choice. Preferences cannot be guaranteed.
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  • Please choose 1-2 topics per class session. Topics marked with an * are topics that external speakers can cover.
  • If you're unsure, select N/A.