Hiring: US Capitol Police

As one of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies in the country the United States Capitol Police has protected the greatest symbol of democracy for nearly 200 years. Today, USCP embodies the best in American policing and serves as a model in security, urban crime prevention, dignitary protection, specialty response capabilities, and homeland security.

Learn more at www.USCP.gov or call us at 1-866-561-USCP

•Ready to apply? Visit www.USCP.gov to learn more about our application pr ocess, and then apply for vacancies on www.USAJOBS.gov.

•Once hired, you will undergo seven months of rigorous, professional training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the USCP Training Academy before earning your badge.

•Immediately upon hire, all officers receive full pay and are appointed to the rank of private with a salary of $64,173 throughout the training.

•USCP offers outstanding benefits, such as paid federal holidays, sick and vacation days, long-term care insurance, health insurance, life insurance, student loan repayment program, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans, and more.
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By Kimberly Lieb
Kimberly Lieb Assistant Director for Industry and Community Engagement Kimberly Lieb