Alumni Advice on what to do for searching and applying to jobs amid the Corona Virus Pandemic

By Peer Career Advisor, Giulia Villanueva (IC’ 20)

I’m currently a senior Journalism major at IC from Paraguay and like many college students, we did not predict the pandemic would leave us in the situation we are, especially for applying to jobs. One of my professors gave us the opportunity in class via Zoom to meet with an alumna (IC ’15) who currently works for VPM in Richmond, an NPR affiliate radio news station. Her name is Sarah McKloskey and we asked her what advice she could give us during these times. She explained that what a lot of recruiters will now look in internship or job applications is how we managed to operate remotely. In many industries like journalism they will especially look at our visual work/projects and how we were able to put together a good news piece with no in-person interviews and if we have no equipment, filming with our phones or screen-record with laptops. Sarah also emphasized how it’s all about creativity and being able to do time management because we need to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zones to keep doing schoolwork and applying to jobs despite the situation. I whole-heartedly agree. We must not let the pandemic discourage us. If you are in these circumstances like me, know that you are not alone. College students like us have to not give up and keep trying in order to make the best out of this situation. In time we will persevere, it’s just a matter of our will now.

By Peer Career Advisor: Giulia
Peer Career Advisor: Giulia Peer Career Advisor Peer Career Advisor: Giulia