Architectural Technology: the technology of architecture

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Architectural Technology is a relatively new discipline and relates to the anatomy and physiology of buildings and of their production and performance. The practice of Architectural Technology is underpinned by the application of science, engineering and technology and is closely aligned to industry. Architecture Technology is also set within an industry that is under capitalised, resource intensive, risk averse and litigious. Industry is now recognising the value of the discipline of Architectural Technology as critical in the digital age given its focus on empirically based design. Digitalisation of design and construction through Building Information Modelling, relates to production, performance, environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and effectiveness. BIM enables simulation, standardisation, systemisation, and optimisation in design and construction. One example of the relevancy of the discipline is how the skills of Architectural Technology align with those necessary for BIM and this hopefully create greater recognition of the discipline in the future. To improve the recognition of the discipline beyond the UK, this paper presents the educational and professional standards for Architectural Technology. The argument is made that concurrent industry interests in Building Information Modelling and in the profession, is an opportunity for both the expansion of the discipline and greater BIM adoption. Keywords: Architectural technology, architecture, technologist, BIM.

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By Peer Career Advisor: Ishie
Peer Career Advisor: Ishie Peer Career Advisor Peer Career Advisor: Ishie